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romy4 - Posted on 13 Февраль 2015

To delete selected Skype messages from the skype chat history follew few next steps:

0. Close Skype before processing these manipulations.

1. Open Skype db file from ~/.Skype//main.db within your favourite SQL manager or using sqlite3

run next sqls:

Check messages:

SELECT * FROM Messages WHERE chatname like '%:username:%';

This SQL shows all your conversations with selected :username:


SELECT * FROM Messages WHERE author like '%:username:%';

to select messages from the subscriber.

Just call

DELETE FROM Messages WHERE chatname like '%:username:%';

to clear history with the subscriber

SELECT * FROM Messages WHERE body_xml like '%:message:%';

To find specific message.

Use `timestamp` field to range the messages on the specific date.


$ sqlite3 ~/.Skype/<accname>/main.db "DELETE FROM Messages WHERE chatname like '%username%';"

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